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Composer of “Mamie”, short, directed by Benoît Monney

Composer of “Vous ne connaîtrez ni le jour ni l’heure”, short, directed by Samuel Grandchamp

Composer of “Ablyazov” (working title), feature documentary directed by Elena Hazanov

Composer of “Un mois de grève”, feature documentary directed by Véronique Rotelli

Composer of “Opération Commando”, directed by  Jan Czarlewski


Composer of “Misericorde”, feature film directed by Fulvio Bernasconi

Composer of “Mon Ange”, animation short directed by Gregory Casares

Composer of “Teen Spirit”, web-series directed by Arthur Touchais

Composer of “Puppet Syndrom”, feature film directed by Elena Hazanov
*** “Best Film Music Award” at the Kinotavr Film Festival of Sotchi***

Composer of “Station Horizon”, TV series directed by P.-A. Irlé and Romain Graf


Composer of “Belle comme un coeur”, short animated directed by Gregory Casares

Composer of “Retour sur une illusion”, documentary directed by Elena Hazanov and Claudio Recupero

Composer of “Que la nuit soit douce”, short, directed by Frederic Recrosio

Composer of “Volta a Terra”, feature documentary, directed by João Pedro Placido

Composer of the Web Series “Brouillon de Culture”, directed by Malika Pellicioli and Arthur Touchais


Composer of the documentary series “Bienvenue aux Pâquis”, directed by Jean-Paul Mudry

Composer of the “Dystopian Variations”, for the Audible Picture Show

Composer of the series “L’heure du Secret” – season 2, directed by Elena Hazanov

Composer of “REEJER”, directed by Gael Metroz, for Jump Cut Production

Composer of “Le doigt d’honneur”, directed by Malika Pellicioli

Composer of “La Baigneuse”, directed by Patrick Graber

Composer of “Sam” (feature film), directed by Elena Hazanov

Co-composer (with Boris Rappo) of “The Bakery”, directed by Salar Shahna

Composer of the new Jaeger Lecoultre watch video

Composer of “Rose Bud”, directed by Alban Delachenal


Composer of “Kid’s Chain”, directed by “Yes We Cam”
***Winner of the 48H Film Project (Renens)***

Composer of “Nous filmons le peuple”, directed by Ania Szczepanska

Composer of “Human Race”, directed by Salar Shahna

Co-composer (with Gregorio Zanon) of “Des yeux partout”, directed by Caroline Cuénod

Composer of “Trained”, directed by Anthony Jerjen


Composer of “Pixeliose”, directed by Romain Graf

Composer of “Laci Bacsi”, directed by Elena Hazanov and Claudio Recupero

Composer of “In Loving Memory”, directed by Jacky Goldberg

Composition of the “Caritas Melodies” campaign, directed by Graf+Irlé

Composition of the web spot “Mobilité Douce” by Graf+Irlé

Composition of a string quartet suite: “HELL”


Composer of “All that Remains”, feature film directed by Pierre Irlé and Valentin Rotelli
***Best Music Prize at the Festival du Premier Film d’Annonay***

Composer of “How Do You Like Them Apples”, directed by Daniel Turcan (US)


Composition of a song for the website “”

Creation of the album “Alice In Wonderland”, a cabaret musical, under the name Tsar Shate 2
Featured in the short movie “Soap Opera in Wonderland” by Eileen Hoffer

Composer of “Goldwing”, directed by Corentin de Tonnac

Composer of “Panorama”, directed by Gilles Monnat
Awarded at Locarno film festival


Creation of the album “The Bacchae” under the name Tsar Shate 2
Featured in “Les Jeux de l’Amour et du Hasard” by Elena Hazanov (TSR)

Composer of “Big Sur”, directed by Pierre Irlé and Valentin Rotelli

Composer for an interior achitect office promo movie, directed by Valentin Rotelli

Composer of “Mémoire d’une Valise”, directed by Winter Goury du Roslan

Composer of “André”, directed by Philippe Morard

Composer of the internet ad “Graine de Voyageurs”


Creation of the album “The Pilon Variations” under the name Tsar Shate 2
Featured in “Les Caprices de Mariannes” by Elena Hazanov (TSR)

Composer of “961”, directed by Pierre Irlé and Valentin Rotelli
Awarded at the Hollywood DV Film Festival (Los Angeles), Best Short

Composer for prom show of “Ecole Mosaic”




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